Week 9 and 10 Holiday Planning

3 Weeks to Go

Ok everyone, this is the final stretch. We are 3 weeks from Christmas. If you have been following the plan, you are almost ready. Completing 3 or 4 steps a week, we now are able to see the final product-peace through the holidays.

I am sure COVID and all the changes we have endured. we experienced challenges to completing the list of to dos. Everything from how we shop to the way we gather altered by social distancing. Even the gifts we buy and the foods we prepare. Nothing has been easy. Planning hopefully has made it easier.

This wee I will list week 9 and 10 as we head toward the final stretch.

week 9 and 10

  • complete wrapping gifts-unless you like to do what we do and make wrapping part of our Christmas Eve tradition.
  • Ship anything that has not been shipped. (I am completing this step Monday).
couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room
Shipping packages
  • Finish decorating the house the put all boxes away.
black woman and child packing box with present
Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com
  • Prepare a few of your favorite meals and other baked goods and put in the freezer for the he tic days ahead. You will be glad you did.
soup on white ceramic soup bowl
  • Involve family in making the memories. See the lights, living nativity, plays, advent, etc

Simple steps to peace during the holidays

Short simple lists each week can help you experience peace and joy this Christmas season. Come on, you can do it. And remember your focus, the birth of Christ.

This year I am focusing on Expectation. Do I live in expectation of what Christ can do and what he has promised to do in my life.

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