Understanding Your Own Needs is a Key Component when Searching for Peace Thinking Ask yourself “WHAT AM I THINKING?” Take your time and put it together. I think in pictures so puting my thoughts into words, takes a lot of effort. In fact when I started this project, it took me a week and aContinue reading “Pause”

Planning for the 4th of July amid Covid

Celebrating amid covid The 4th of July is quickly coming up. Celebrations are going to be a bit different this year with Covid still fighting strong. Large get togethers have been cancelled. Parades in our areas have been canceled as well as large fireworks shows. Even family get togethers will be smaller with the numbersContinue reading “Planning for the 4th of July amid Covid”

Peace through the Holidays Using a Daily Tracker

I know that it is only June, but the Holiday season can really sneaks up on you if you don’t start planning early. Maybe you are thinking, it is way to early to think about that stuff and get a plan together. But what it is not too early for, is getting good habits inplaceContinue reading “Peace through the Holidays Using a Daily Tracker”

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