Journaling Your Thoughts from the Week Throughout the week, as you read God’s Word, pray and spend time with God, there are thing God is showing you. Journaling your thoughts from the previous week is a great way to pause and refresh. Personal Experience Today, our church set a time where the church was openContinue reading “Pause”

Summer Photos 2020

We had a very different graduation in our family. She is a strong girl. We planted a victory garden. And a wee before harvesting, found out our dogs like tomatoes. So we had to cage them it. We are about to finally see some harvest. There were some great family times amid the quarantine. RecentlyContinue reading “Summer Photos 2020”

Our Victory/Covid Garden

I posted an article about the food “shortage” and the discussion that brought about between my mother and me. It brought back memories of the victory gardens due to the food shortages. After that conversation, we planted multiple mini gardens on our property. I just thought I would share some of the pictures. Watch ourContinue reading “Our Victory/Covid Garden”

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