Staycation is a fairly new phrase. Its planning time off but not going anywhere. Making a vacation where you are.

I am doing this right now actually. I was about to loose my Paid time off

from work and I had no where to go. My kids were working. My husband was working, so I just stayed home.

I took one day to go and see my grand babies which was great.

The next day I slept in, cooked and cleaned,no schedule or list just what made me happy. I made a Turkish bread that I had been craving (we used to live in Turkey). I talked with my children who are really adults, while doing those things the way we used to when they were small. It felt like a lazy summer day. Then a dip in the pool and an easy dinner of baked salmon for dinner.

Today I am sitting on my front patio in my granny rocker listening to the birds before it gets too hot. I’m about to start my quiet time. Later, little shopping with my mom.

The last 2 days of my week off, my husband and I are sneaking off to a bed and breakfast. We don’t know where yet. We enjoy an adventure and road trips together. We might draw counties out of a hat or flip a penny and go left with heads and right with tails. But we will know when we arrive at our destination

This holiday or time off work has brought me some much needed peace. No planning involved.


Wedding Ideas

I have a daughter getting married in September. Each holiday I have been buying 1 small holiday item and putting it away.

By September they will have at least 1 decoration or one item for each holiday. I am almost done. I just have the 4th of July, labor day and fall decor to buy.

It’s a small thing but I thought it might be fun for them. It has been fun for me. I can’t wait until they open it.

It’s away to start my daughter off having peace through the holidays.


Apple Pie

My daughter mentioned today that I should add a recipe to my blog. Everyone loves a good recipe. As we began to talk about what food would be good for summer, my husband mentioned apple pie. Then I said what about Father’s day-he again said apple pie. What about Christmas I added, apple pie again was the response.

So it seems the recipe of choice should be apple pie. It is the perfect choice for any holiday. I found a recipe for a Carmel apple pie a few years ago and it has become a favorite in our house. I make it in the summer and for most winter holidays.  Today I made a Dutch apple pie because I wanted a chznge. It was a hit.

Apple pie is also a good choice because it is so easy.  Peeling and chopping the apples then making the pie crust are the most difficult parts.  You can buy the crust if your in a pinch.

Carmel apple pie

2 pie crusts
8-9 granny Smith apples

1/2 cup butter
3 Tbs flour
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
(I added cinnamon about 3 tsp and nutmeg)

Core and peel the apples
Place 1 pie crust in the bottom of the pan
Place sliced apples in the pan
Cover with lattice top
On top of the stove mix  butter, sugars, flour and spices
Bring to boil stirring frequently.  It should be smooth not grainy when done.
Pour over lattice top and in holes to cover and fill the pie.  Cook on 350 degrees for an hour or until the top becomes bubbly.

Pull out and let the pie sit for at least an hour for best results.

Have a wonderful holiday!!


Summer has begun

It looks like the rain is finally coming to a halt here. My husband and daughter have been getting the pool ready. We have had short discussions about what to do on the 4th. But haven’t really settled on anything. It’s still early.

I will start looking for sales on coke and water bottles because no matter what we do we will use them this summer. Holiday sales are the best times to stock up.

Meat for the grill is another item to look for on sale this time of year. Find the best deals and fill the freezer.

Maybe next week we can get our father day or 4th plans settled.


Father’s Day

It’s just around the corner. Have you started thinking about what to get the dad’s in your life?

This is not as easy as getting mom a gift. A plant or flowers seem to be all a mom wants. Although this year I wanted a wooden rocking chair for my front porch (got it)!

The dads in our life deserve some special attention. Many times their work goes unnoticed. They may go from work to picking up kids to starting or making dinner. They play multiple roles in a family.

The things they want many times we have no understanding of. My husband wants a chain saw. I have no clue how to pick a chain saw. But I will shop, ask questions and take notes. And in the end, if I get the wrong one he can exchange it. I am not afraid!

So ask your dad or your hubby what they might want. Be brave. If they say something you would have no clue how to pick, see if they have a preference for brand, color, size or power level. Ask if they have done any research. If not, well you can do your own. The internet is an amazing thing.

Think about the dad you are looking for, ask questions, research on line or at the store. Then go out and buy the gift. You got this!


5 Steps to a Great 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner for those who love to celebrate. I love the music, the fireworks, the red, white and blue and of course the time spent with family out doors.

Last year we made some great memories with little effort. The youth and college groups came over for food, fun  and fireworks.  We spent the whole afternoon and late into the night in our backyard swimming, talking, eating and finally shooting off fire works.  Everyone contributed to the fireworks and food.  I think the last little group left around midnight.

This year, do we want to stay home and fill up that ice chest and hang out by our pool.  Maybe start the day out with a local parade. I haven’t really talked with my family yet but this might be a good conversation to have this weekend.

We need to narrow it down in the next 2 weeks so all the planning will not fall the week before. I strive for peaceful holidays and in order to do this I need to have a plan in place.

In the next 2 weeks, I plan on looking into some local 4th of July activities on line, having some family conversations,and doing a little shopping for summer sales.

5 steps for planning the 4th of July:

1. Research activities online

2. Family Conversation

3.Finalize my plans and make list of needs

4. Do the shopping

5. Involve the family in that days preparations. Then Celebrate your peaceful, stress free holiday!