Pause and be Nourished

We all Need Food to Bloom

Pause and be noursihed

My sister in law used to work with a florish/garden shop when we were young marrieds. So every once is a while I would ask her questions about my plants. One day asked her about one of my plants because the color was so dull. The flowers were not bright and vibrant like they should be. She responded with, “well you wouldn’t be very colorful and pretty if you weren’t fed either”, then laughed and told me what I needed to do. Plants need food to be all that they were intended to be and produce the beautiful colors and fruit they should produce. I got the message loud and clear that day.

I never have forgotten that conversation. Maybe I do not remember the wording exactly, but did not foget the point. I still don’t feed my plants like I should but I am improving. Probably, this converstation touched me on a more human level and it continues to come up in my mind over and over especially during the spring months when everything begins to bloom.

Nourishing your Soul allows every part of your Life to Flow Better

If we are to fully become who God created us to be, we must noursih ourselves. This means physically, emothionally and spiritually. Pause and be nourished. Every area needs attention to grow to our fullest potential. Although, I am only going to focus today on the spiritual side of things, I believe it will bleed over into all aspects of our lives. When we become right with God, every part of our life flows better and comes into allignment.

To Pause

pasue and be nourished by God's Word

To pause is to feed your soul. Pausing allows you to take in. It allows you to noursih your soul your heart and your mind. be still and know god. Stop and hear God’s voice telling you “I am here my beloved”. If we take the time to pause and be still we will hear God speaking to us, encouraging as well as correcting us. God is here for us, we just need to be still.

Action Step to Pause and Be Nourished

This weekend stop and take in God’s creation which was made for our enjoyment. Feel God’s presence. This may look differently for each of us and may even be different during different seasons of life. Pull back from your everyday responsibilities. The “have tos” or the “shoulds” of life. Instead focus on life giving things, things God placed in your heart and soul. Those things that make you feel connected to Him and others as well as yourself.

Maybe for you, nourishing your soul means to be still and sit, noticing your surroundings. For others, it means taking a jog and for others it might be gardening or playing a game. Still others, listening to music or drawing.

Sitting to Pause

When you sit, notice your hands and arms, then your shoulders. This always stops me in my tracks. My shoulders are where I carry all the weight of the world. They are always tight and tense. One time my hubby bought me a medical massge and the therapist asked me if I was aware that my muscles in my shoulders were in the wrong place, a large knot on both sides. I told her yes, I was aware and that was why I was there. From that time on, I try to be aware of my shoulders and how close to my ears they are. If they are up there, I need to close my eyes and take some deep breaths, lowering them. I need to talk to God and ask what am I not giving Him control of in my life, then be still and listen. Read or listen to music if you prefer. Tell God what is on your mind, He wants to hear from you.

Walking to Pause

Maybe it means taking a walk and listening to healing music. I have a play list entitled “Healing”. It is the music I listen to when my soul and emotions need some TLC and a reminder that God has me in His hands. I was told by a counceler once that we should own our feelings. Make a play list for each emotion category and when you feel these emotions, play that list. Then slowly move up from depression to sadness to your melancholy list. Them finally to your praising Jesus list. I also found this pattern in Psalms. That is what David did many times in his walk with God. He would start off complaining about all of his woes and by the end of the chapter he was able to say to God- but You are my rock, my refuge, my shelter, my strong tower. Give your emotions to God. he is Big and can handle them. For me, this has been one of the best discoveries on how to restore myself to God while addressing my emotions.

Or you can take a walk in a wooded area just listening and feeling everything around. Notice how the wind blows differently through the oaks than the evergreens. How many bird sounds can you hear? Notice the crackle of broken branches under your feet and the gravel on the walk way.

Try not to think of your to do’s- give them to God. Trust God that if you follow His command to take a day of rest, God can take care of tomorrow.

Finding your Unique Pause

At a conference I went to once, the man speaking stated that he bakes bread on his sabbath rest day. Something about the kneeding and waiting for it to rise is so refreshing to him. It helps him restore for work the other 6 days of the week. One of my daughters sews, that would make me stressed. God designed us all differently with different needs to noursih our souls. Let Him guide to the perfect Sabbath day.

On the 7th day cease from labor and keep the day set apart or Holy. Keep the focus on Christ. Pause and be nourished. This weekend, spend some time talking to God about what would nourish your soul and bring you closer to your Creator, God. What do you need to nourish your soul so that you can bloom in vibrant color again as God intended?

Below is the book I read a few years ago that really got me thinking about Sabbath. It unpacks a lot of what Sabbath really means and what it means to rest in God and to keep the Sabbath. He cleared up many of my questions. It is one of those books that I continually pull out for reference. The ad below is an affiliate ad from Amazon.


Victory Garden/ Container Gardens

At the start of this Covid crisis/quarantine, I was talking to my mother about all that was going on. We began talking about how it has become more and more difficult to get certain groceries. this brough up the suggestions to eat canned fruit and vegetables for now. Because my mother is older than 65, we have been very cautions with what comes into her house. We began talking about whether it was safe for her to eat fresh fruit and vegetable at this point. There have been sugestions made to clean the produce thoroughly before eating. As we talked about all of this, she was reminded of the Victory Gardens that were grown during and after WW2 due to rationing as well as difficulty in getting groceries. She said everyone grew small home gardens because it was so difficult to get what you needed.

Finding Space to plant a Garden

Shortly after these discussions, my husband and I began talking about what we could plant in the cement planters surrounding our pool area. In years past we had planted sweet potato vines. While these were beautiful (as long as we watered them enough) they did not produce anything useful. However, this year we wanted to grow a garden for food purposes. But we had not yet decided where to plant one. So I suggested that we plant vegetables in our potters by the pool. My husband thought that was a great idea. So we stared our victory garden container gardens. We put a tomato plant in the center of each planter and surrounded 2 of the tomatoes with summer squash and 2 of them with cucumber.

Up closer to the house, we planted 2 long containers of herbs. We also plante a large plastic planter with lettuce and garlic (the garlic to keep the aphids from the lettuce). My daughter got into the gardening spirit and planted a small patch up close to the house of cantelope. She has been weeding and water these every day. She treats them like they are her babies. It is so much fun to watch. We tried to plant some watermelon but at this point have been unable to get watermelon seeds. So I bought a watermelon from the grocery store to eat. We will throw those seeds out in the garden and see what happens.

Raised Flower bed for Seniors

Next to my mothers house, we helped her plant tomatoes and lettuce in a raised flower bed. The raised bed is so she can easily access them while using her walker. The raised garden no only is easier for her to reach, but also grows less weeds making it easier for her to keep her garden up. She has always loved to garden and I hated the idea that she could not do that anymore.

container garden
container garden

A Victory Garden as Natural Pest Control

Another thing I did was to look up natural methods of decreasing the mosquitos around the pool area. I am trying to get away from chemicals as much as possible. One of the ideas I read was to grow mint and basil as well as marigolds. So, we ordered the mint and basil from Amazon and planted it next to the cabana on the side where we sit most of the time in the summer. I will let you know later this summer how it works for the bugs. But even if it does not work well, we can use the mint in tea and the basil in everything.

You can Plant a Victory Garden

Even if you have never gardened before, or if you have a small area, it is so easy to start container gardens. Just purchase some planting pots of various sizes, good soil and pebbles to put in the bottom for drainage and seeds. The seed packets tell you whether to plant in full sun or shade, how much to water as well as when to plant. You can read on the internet what plants grow best with others. That was how I found out that aphids do not like garlic so planting garlic with the lettuce will keep the aphids away.

We are having so much fun with these little gardens, we are already planning what we can do for the fall. There are so many possibilities. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, onions, different squash, maybe even a few ears of corn, who knows. It will be a victory garden container garden adventure!

The Rewards of a Garden

So even if the Farmer’s markets near you do not open this summer, you can still have some fresh produce. It is not only exciting to watch the plants grow, but so good to eat. There is nothing better tasting than a tomato right out of the garden, or a cantelope you grew and picked. When you get the kids involved, they will never look at produce the same. Your children may surprise you and take over the watering and weeding. The little ones may even learn to like a new vegetable.

With all that being said, is there any reason NOT to have a Victory Garden planted in containers throughout your yard? So either get online and order or jump in the car and go to the hardware/gardening store near you. You will build some great memories with this one that will continue to build all summer long.

Pause for the Sabbath

The origins of the Sabbath

As a practice I beleive that it is best to look for original sources to get information. This is especially true when looking at the meaning or significance of something. There have been many meanings placed to the word Sabbath as well as many rules and regulations. I just do not believe that God intended it to be that difficult to have a “day of rest and rememberance”. Isn’t the point to rest, restore and remember/observe or keep? To Pause for the Sabbath and keep it holy.

The origin of the Hebrew sabbat is uncertain but many believe it originated from the verb sabat. The word Sabat means to stop, to cease or to keep. Which is kind of an odd combination. To cease as well as to keep.

I do not want to get too deep into theology here, there are many ideas about how Sabbath should be followed and observed. But I do want to make clear, God chose to rest on the 7th day after working to create for 6 days. God also gave us a commandment to rest on the 7th day and to keep it Holy. it is to be like no other day in the week, set apart.

So, just how do we do that?

Jesus cared for others needs on the Sabbath with examples of healing and allowing his disciples to pick grain to eat. Also in Mark 2:27 Jesus states that Sabbath was made for mankind and not mankind for the Sabbath. We are not to serve or worship the Sabbath. It is for us to serve and worship God, remember what he has done for us and to cease from our normal day to day work. We are not to worry or plan for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. We are to focus on God and get joy from His creation.

Man, as usual has complicated it with the addition of many rules and regulations. We have added long lists of dos and don’ts to God’s commandment. When actually, there is very little said about exact do’s and don’ts in the Bible for this day.

Look up Sabbath for your self. Read God’s Word both Old and New Testiment to determine truth. Ask God to guide you as you do this. Ask for the Holy Spirits help as you endevor to understand His truth for you regarding how you pause for the sabbath.

Scriptures about the Sabbath

Here is a list of a few scriptures that might help in this search:

  • Genesis 2: 1-3
  • Leviticus 23:15,16 and 25:1-7
  • Exodus 20: 8-10, 31:12-17, Numbers 15:32-36, Numbers 28:9-10
  • Jeremaiah 17:22
  • Isaiah 58:13,14 (good one)
  • Matthew 12:1-14
  • Luke 13″10-14, Luke 14:1-6
  • John 5:1-18
  • John 9
  • Mark 1_29-31
  • Matt 9:33, Matt 5:17
  • mark 2:27
  • Matthew 13:15, Matt 14:5
  • Acts 1:12, 13:12-44,15:21,17:2, 18:4, 20:7
  • Rom 14:5
  • Gal 4:10
  • Col 2:16

So this weekend, read through some of these scriptures, a mix of new and old testiment. Ask God to lead you to the truth. What can you do to bring rest and restoration to your soul and cease from your day to day work? What can you do Saturday to free up Sunday to rest and remember how good God is?

One thing we do is just have popcorn for dinner. Popcorn, cheese and fruit if it’s in season. It is easy, with no clean up. I also make sure we are ready for breakfast and lunch so that I can rest. I make time to meditate and read.

Pause and remember all that God has done for you.

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